Painting + Printing with Marigold Flowers Natural Dye Kit

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My Painting + Printing with Marigold Flowers Kit is a wonderful gift or introduction for the natural dye novice, color enthusiast, artist, or dyer looking to work with raw natural dyestuff in a multitude of ways.

This Kit Includes:

--Organic cotton bandana (24” x 24”)

--Marigold Flowers- organically grown on a family farm in the USA

--Natural dye fixative, color modifier & natural paint thickener

--Shibori tools and gloves

-- A detailed Instructions Booklet- 20 plus pages including custom illustrations to guide you through the processes of pre-treatment, making paint, printing, & immersion dyeing naturally

--Password access to exclusive Shibori tutorial online videos taught by The Dogwood Dyer- available only to Kit Owners


The Kit comes contained in a 100% post consumer recycled cardboard box printed in the US with eco-friendly inks and arrives in a non-plastic home compostable mailer (made from cornstarch).

There is enough pre-fixative in your kit for treating more than just the included bandana so you can try your hand on existing garments or linens in your home- (painting & bundle dyeing with natural dyes is one of my favorite ways to revive and breath new life into old dingy or stained garments).


This kit is very versatile and can do quite a bit:

--Make paint with flowers & modify for multiple colors- with application possibilities on fabric/fibers, paper, wood & more!

--Bundle dye or print with flowers

--Immersion dye for solid colors & tie/bind “Shibori” techniques for many surface design possibilities


A wonderful at home experience well suited as an activity with children (adult supervision is recommended).


**With each kit, 5% of profit will be donated to Dixza Rugs & Organic Farm- Benizaa (Zapotec) Cloud People rug weavers from Teotitlan del Valle- keeping a thousand year old weaving tradition alive and organically farming the land of their ancestors.



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