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Introducing the NEW L+O Knee-High camel socks! This extra-long sock style is stylish and versatile. Whether you are having a cozy evening at home or looking for ethical accessories that pair well with boots— we’ve got you covered! These luxurious socks feature additional reinforcement at the cuff to ensure a comfortable fit.

Unlike harmful acid-dyed yarns and fabrics, our socks are available in three gorgeous all-natural (undyed) colors: Sand (light brown), Clay (medium brown), and Mud (deep brown with violet undertones). We also offer multi-color “All Terrain” packs that include one of each color.

Our premium camel socks weave together the traditional Mongolian practice of camel herding and contemporary artisanal Mongolian-led manufacturing techniques. Mongolia has a long history of nomadic traditions, including raising camels for transportation, wool, and milk. Mongolian culture has fostered a unique connection and appreciation that began thousands of years ago when Bactrian camels were domesticated to carry people and goods on the Silk Road.

This luxurious fiber is softer than wool, warmer than cotton and has serious moisture-wicking abilities. Our yarn is reinforced with 30% Nylon for superior durability where you need it most— making this is the perfect everyday sock.

The added production value of our socks remains within the country to support the local textile industry. Everything from herder relations to yarn development and final garment construction occurs in Mongolia by Mongolians.

Color | Clay

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