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Folklore x L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts limited-edition watercolor set inspired by our earth-friendly ethos and the colors in our Santa Fe shop. Your set comes with 8 handmade, natural pigment watercolors nestled in a simple white Italian watercolor box, one size 2 faux sable, portable travel brush from Spain, and one small cold press watercolor notebook with tear-out pages made from sustainable forest paper.

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Venetian Red: Natural red earth from Italy. On the South side of the Alps, there are numerous pockets of very old earth colors. These reservoirs have been preserved by overlapping volcanic rock layers. Venetian Red from this particular region is a rich, brown-ish red that ranges from dark to light, and creates a gorgeous pink color when watered down. This red shade reminds me so much of the red earth found in New Mexico.

Pipestone: Pigment from the sacred rock that peace pipes are made from. This pink pipestone is mined by native carvers in Pipestone, MN, and paints like a dream. 

Blue Ridge Violet: Natural red oxide hematite from the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, this rich naturally pigmented paint starts out dark red and dries to a gorgeous dark violet red. Think Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch mountains. Hematite is among the oldest pigments known to humankind and has been used by every major civilization.

Copper: Real, powdered copper from Italy. This watercolor paint, it is incredible – it can go on thick and shiny and waters down to a beautiful, pale, copper sparkle.

Terra di Siena: Natural sienna yellow earth pigment from Sennelier, France. Semi-transparent, rich golden brown to pale apricot.

Terre Vert: Natural green earth pigment from Sennelier, France. Translucent, grounded, and earthy. Great for subtle landscapes, botanicals, eyes, undertones, and washes.

Copper Blue: A very light turquoise blue synthetic pigment that looks like perfectly oxidized copper, it is semi transparent and lovely. 

Indigo: Genuine indigo pigment from India is used to create this master paint. Indigo pigment powder comes from the leaves of the Indigo plant and is one of the only pigments used both in paint and natural dye. This paint is magic. It ranges from deep midnight blue/black to light, gorgeous pale blue.

About LDBA

Founded by Sara Moffat, LDBA watercolor paint is handmade on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. Pure pigment is mixed with natural watercolor medium consisting of stabilized gum arabic (sap from the acacia tree), honey, and glycerine. The paint is very pigmented and has a rich, opaque, and pure quality. 100% toxin-free. Plus, they last longer than conventional paints!