Est. in 2019, Folklore is an immersive lifestyle shop, healing arts collective, and place for gathering.

We're located in the Historic Eastside neighborhood in Santa Fe, NM.

Folklore's retail curation is our vision for beautiful, ethical, sustainable living - consciously sourced home goods, apparel, accessories, pantry items, clean beauty products, and gifts.

We emphasize handmade, local, small/independent designers, female makers, and practices that are good for people + the planet.

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“My aim is to elevate the art of everyday objects - whether that be a hand-pinched ceramic bowl made with local micaceous clay; a hand-woven, hand-spun cotton blanket naturally dyed with plants; or a pair of slashed vintage Levi's stunningly mended with Sashiko stitching. When the most fundamental, common objects in one's environment - a bowl, a blanket, a pair of blue jeans - are true works of art and a space is filled exclusively with soulful items, something magical happens. A palpably serene energy, that is both incredibly soothing to the nervous system and enlivening for the senses, permeates an individual's experience of themselves and the world around them. There is a presence and connectivity that occurs, facilitated by the reverence these conscious objects inspire. The integrity of each object contributes to a holistic integrity in living. This all translates to a slowing down and cultivation of joy in routine. It's this intangible experience that I'm most interested in encapsulating and invoking for people.

I also wish to nurture self discovery, healing, and self care for anyone who desires to dive into the mysteries. I’ve personally been on a spiritual and healing path for the better part of a decade, and have learned a lot along the way (mostly that there is a lot more to learn!). And also, there is great value to self inquiry in community, with the support of gifted practitioners, and using a diverse array of techniques, and supportive tools. My perspective, as a humble student, is reflected in the product assortment you’ll find in-store, the healing arts practitioners we partner with, and the events + workshops we host.”
 Kelly Dye, Folklore Owner


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